YouTube Series

For those of you unaware, I wanted to link to my YouTube page. I only started it this year, and have been trying to go through series to help get some of my thoughts and teachings out on a different medium. Because it is YouTube, I’ve attempted to keep things around 30 minutes or less, but some of the videos are almost an hour long. Here are some of my favorites, and you can find the rest in my page with the same title:

My Channel – For those who just want to browse everything I have, take a gander here at my home channel page.

What Is Bible? – This series examines the whole Bible in an outline form, looking at the major themes that repeat, and both systematically and ‘biblically’ following the themes from Genesis through Revelation. For those who are new to the faith, this is a great one to start with. The whole point was to speak in a way that is easy to understand, while not neglecting the depth and richness that the whole Scripture oozes with. This is a foundational view, taking up the perception of the apostles and prophets, in order to help to ground you deeply within your roots so that your branches might go outward and bear much fruit. Though it be deep, the concepts are simple.

Biblical Theology I – I’m still working through this one for another few weeks, if not a couple months. Biblical Theology is what I emphasize most, specifically a meticulous analysis of the texts of Scripture themselves. With this first course, we’ll be giving an overview of the Bible, setting up the discussion for when we go into the second course on the Torah, and so on through the whole Bible.

Apostolicity – Another series I’m still only beginning, this might be the most important study that I’ve done. It examines the distinctive of the apostle. What precisely makes an apostle an apostle? Nay, even more basically, what specifically is the apostolic character, which even they who are not apostles are to reflect, since the whole of the Body is called to be apostolic? There is more than a lingo in this series. I desire to get at the heart of apostolic, putting forth challenges and calls that go far beyond a verbiage and way of thinking.


Feel free to comment, subscribe, and check back later to see what else is coming out. It’s my hope that in a few years I’ll have significant portions of the Bible taught through, have a few systematic theology courses available, gone through much of the end times debates, and examine the heart and distinctive of apostolic and prophetic protocol. The purpose of all that I do is to equip the saints, building you up together to bear the burden of the LORD in these last days, especially as we’re turning toward the end, and to give you a vision of the eternal and heavenly dimension.

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