I wrote this on my other blog, but for those of you who don’t follow it, I thought it was good enough to repeat. Keep an eye out on my “multimedia” page for the link to the YouTube series, which should be starting within a couple weeks.

Morning Musings

I’m currently working on a powerpoint that will be converted into a youtube series. The subject is “apostolicity”. The word itself is something that is rather elusive. Apostolic is a denomination in our present world. It is a call, or office, held by dubious men. What we understand of the apostolic is often heralded by they who know nothing of the apostolic. Within this study, I want to examine the heart of what it means to be apostolic. This has nothing to do with the denomination, and everything to do with the perception, character, heart, and key aspects of what it means to be an apostle or apostolic.

You can be apostolic without being an apostle. Indeed, the Church itself is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, and Jesus is even called the High Priest and apostle of our confession. For that reason, the whole of the…

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One thought on “Apostolicity

  1. “Therefore, the false, as well as the comfortable, reject the man and his message, and therefore reject the one who sent him as well. The man is not sent by God simply because he has lofty understanding, but because he reflects something of the one who sends, which in itself is at the very heart of apostolic. The man reflects God, not as we have thought Him to be, nor as the opinion of the apostle, but as God truly is.” Excellent wording!


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