Attempt at Social Media

Upon request, I am working on building a Youtube that gets into some of the same teachings as what you’ll find here. Currently, I’m working through a general “Christian Theology 101” and “Biblical Theology 101”. For the future, I plan on going through various books of the Bible (as I do here), and eventually also going into a much deeper Biblical Theology course and Systematic Theology course. Outside of that, if/when I have something that I would like to vent/ramble about, I might be putting that up on Youtube rather than using your time reading 😉

Here is a link, for those interested:

Also, if you have suggestions of things that you would rather listen to than reading, I would love to know where the line is. For myself, I would personally rather listen to lectures than reading a theology text book. Yet, when it comes to commentary, I love reading instead of listening to messages or commentary.

Thank for the push to open up my horizons (you know who you are),

P.S. I have a lot of things that I’ve written that aren’t very interesting via blog/book medium, so they are probably coming out on Youtube instead.


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