Book Announcement

Hey guys!

I wanted to put this out as a feeler. I’ve got several ideas of writing and publishing some ebooks, but I’m unsure the interest. So, below is a list of some ideas that I have. If you would be interested in any of these, please let me know. Most likely I will at some point be writing all of these; the question is whether it will be in book form or not.

  1. Christian Theology 101
    I’ve had it on my heart for a while to write through systematic theology, but instead of writing the multi-volume set going through every detail (which I also plan to do (see below)), I was wondering how many would be interested in a more basic outline that explains how each doctrine applies to practical living?
  2. The Bible For Everyone
    I’m already planning on writing a semi-commentary on every book of the Bible. It’ll most likely be that I’d take what I’m writing out in this blog and make it into book form, where it will have a more organized layout and more specific intention and flow. Most likely, my Leviticus series would be the first installment. If you have a better title for the series than “The Bible For Everyone”, that would be great to let me know lol. I’m truly terrible at titles.
  3. Biblical Theology/The Eternal Covenant
    It’s been my hope for about a year and a half to trace the eternal covenant through Scripture to show God’s plan from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. This was originally started as The Theocratic Kingdom, but later I realized a more detailed examination would be necessary. Thus, I began a work called Eschatology 101, which you can download in My Writings Page. Even that didn’t fit the bill. So, I’ve begun a YouTube video teaching that is hitting much closer to what I have hoped to do. Would it be beneficial to publish this in writing, and if I do, what should I call it?
  4. Christian Theology
    I have a love-hate relationship with systematic theology. On the one hand, I love trying to piece it all together, but on the other hand I mock the term. It seems like a systematic theology is as oxymoronic as a wooden iron. Thus, I’d title it “Christian Theology”, and the whole point is to go through the entirety of Christian theology (hence the title). It would be about 10-15 volumes, each about 200-250 pages. Most likely, I’ll be writing this anyway. (In fact, I already have the first volume mostly written.) How many would be interested in reading it?


Thanks for your insight and consideration!
Grace and peace in Christ,


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