New New Year

First off, happy New Year everyone. I wanted to use this post to give an outline of what I’m hoping to start up in 2016. For those interested, please check out everything I’m doing. I pretty much am looking to bang on all cylinders here starting in 2016. So, here are the things that I’m doing, and here are the links to those things:

My other blog:
Here is my more devotional/inspirational blog. Whereas this one is dedicated more toward “scholarly” debates, commentaries, and theology in general, my blog Morning Musing is devoted to the more ‘Christian Living’ and other more devotional type of subject.

In 2016 I want to start adding a lot more material to this YouTube channel. What I want to begin to put up are some commentary style messages on every book of the Bible, a biblical theology 101, 102, 103, etc, systematic theology 101, 102, 103, etc, and eventually also start to put up basic holistic living videos regarding nutrition, fitness, gardening, keeping farm animals, cooking, and how these sorts of things relate to our walk with Christ.

Music/Art Studio
Here I am putting up some fun covers of songs, teaching how to write music, record your music, mix your own music, and then publish it. What I want to eventually incorporate are some originals, feature some of the bands/artists that I know, and hopefully give art tutorials (drawing, painting, decorating, etc).

Thanks for the support, everyone!

Grace and peace in Christ,


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