Sports: An Emotional Investment


Have you ever noticed the most emotional state of being? It’s life. I’m not sure why we pretend otherwise.

I was asking my husband out loud the other day, what is everyone so busy with? What is everyone so distracted by? What are we waiting/hoping for?

Football season has started once again. I love sports! I love the competition, but I don’t watch them. I mean, I try not too. I can’t support that professional sports players each get paid millions of dollars to do something that uliatmely benefits no one. All the while, people who make less then 10th of what the sports players make, pay for everything that sports players get. Millions and millions of dollars are collected from faithful fans and are funneled into these Demi-gods. …and for what?  I love sports, but I can’t watch sports.

However, I won’t fail to recognize that within our society…

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