Why I Refuse to Debate the Homosexuality Thing

As you can tell from the title, this won’t be an acceptance or refutation of homosexual practice within Christendom. There are several key issues that I find are not often clearly defined, though, and I want to hit that button real quick.

The truth is that I am not one who condones homosexual practice. However, with that, I should also say I don’t condone adultery, porn addiction, drug abuse, theft, or even one of the roots of all of those: coveting. This is an important point. I have found that in the many discussions around homosexuality within Christendom, what is often neglected as part of the discussion, usually because it is “presupposed”, is the actual issue itself. Are we debating whether someone who identifies LGBTQ could/should come to an evangelical service on Sunday morning? Are we debating whether this sin is the one that is so far heinous that it is impossible to be forgiven?

The fact of the matter is this: it doesn’t matter your sexual orientation. Heterosexuality will not get me into heaven. Trust me. Neither will homosexuality be the one thing to cast anyone to hell. That is not the issue. To debate anything even close to that, which is often the preconceived mindset when we simply ask “is it sin?”, is to exercise blatantly missing the point.

I think that the Bible is quite explicit in regard to this issue, and so is church history. Unlike women’s rights and slavery, there is absolutely no testimony of any Christian witness anywhere that I know of that will validate homosexual lifestyle after conversion until the twentieth century. While some of these other issues have been debated, and there were people on both sides of these moral issues, homosexuality stands alone in that the debate never existed until the sexual revolution.

Does this make it wrong? Not necessarily. It is certainly a powerful argument against its validity. However, the debate is still present. The testimony of Scripture is also abundantly clear to the side that advocates homosexuality as wrong. To the opposing side, it doesn’t seem so cut and dry.

So, my main point is this: We are not debating whether you can be gay and come to Christ. We are not debating whether homosexuality is the one sin beyond forgiveness. We are not debating whether homosexuality is a sin. We are not debating whether they who identify as LGBTQ should be allowed to come to Christian congregations, nor whether they are allowed to identify as Christian.

What is the debate, then? The debate is this: Can you be Christian and remain homosexual? Here is the issue… I was dead in my sin and trespasses, but I am no longer that dead man. I was born a pervert. I had sexual drive that was uncontrollable. It was in my nature that I went down the path of pornography. When I was a teenager, I lusted after girls a lot. That was who I was. You couldn’t change me, and if you told me I was in the wrong, it wouldn’t have mattered. I was born that way.

Yet, I am no longer that person. I no longer identify myself by my sexuality. My identity is no longer dependent upon how many girls I’ve dated, nor how far I’ve gone with those girls. This is the scandal of the Gospel. We believe in the terribly offensive notion of resurrection. While my members were once devoted to unrighteousness and wickedness, they are no longer devoted to unrighteousness and wickedness.

The question is whether you can truly come to Christ, the old man dying and being buried, and still remain a homosexual. Within that question we find the question of whether it is just as much sin as adultery or lusting after someone. We also find the challenge that if it is indeed a sin, and this lifestyle does indeed need to be repented of, then the heart itself needs to change. Getting married didn’t get rid of the lust in my heart. Jesus did. I have been raised unto newness of life in Christ. The reason I no longer find myself lusting after girls is because I now have a heart that sees them as beautiful reflections of the image of the Divine. My heart is now turned to compassion, and how many perverted males have desecrated them with their minds? How can I add to the wrong done against them by also raping them within my mind?

This is the issue we’re in need of discussing. Truly the question is the same that Paul promoted in the book of Romans, which we seem to miss when we only quote the first chapter. Does God have the power to raise the dead, and have we truly been raised by the glory of the Father, or is this only a language that we exercise, but the reality is illusory? That is the question. Once we’ve wrestled that, suddenly all of our lifestyle choices that continue in wickedness come into question. How can you continue in sin when you’ve been set free and remade?

I leave you with this question, and also with a quote. By the power of the Gospel, I quote Jesus in pleading with you: “Go and sin no more.”


6 thoughts on “Why I Refuse to Debate the Homosexuality Thing

  1. So is this what you are saying? The life of God in a converted person will “eventually through a process or immediately through powerful wonder work” eliminate a sinful life style from a person, but our debating and bantering about such things does nothing to advance the kingdom of God in any individual. The focus of our efforts should be to lift up Jesus and the mercy shown on the cross and once His life, His true and deep conversion takes place in the heart of a person, His life will do a work that our debating is not capable of doing.

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    1. I think I word it differently, but that is exactly my thought. Whether the man or woman ever truly comes to freedom is debated, but something that cannot be denied is the absolute renouncing of sexual immorality. The person who looks at another human being with lust and continues that lifestyle will not, ever, even after praying the sinner’s prayer, inherit the kingdom of God. The two are absolute opposites. We might struggle, but that isn’t the same as outright identifying as and/or becoming complacent in our immoral lifestyle.


  2. Greetings tjustincomer,

    “The truth is that I am not one who condones homosexual practice. However, with that, I should also say I don’t condone adultery, porn addiction, drug abuse, theft, or even one of the roots of all of those: coveting.”

    The problem with what you said above is that, those who commit adultery, are addicted to porn, drug abuse (sorcery) and any other sin, are not having parades, producing commercials and going to court in an effort to get them legalized or normalized. To be clear, sin is sin, but the issue here with same-sex life styles is that instead of repentance they are justifying and embracing this sin, which is the opposite of repentance. They are going to great lengths to make these practices normal. Further more, they are attempting to make this life style equal with marriage and are attempting to change God’s institution of marriage, which according to scripture is clearly ONLY between a man and a woman. And because we have those living same-sex life styles among celebrities, the government, sports figures, the military and every other facet of life, it is being accepted more and more world-wide as the norm. Now I am seeing commercials that show a family gathering and two men showing up with their adopted baby and everybody is smiling having a good time as though this is all perfectly normal and which is its purpose. These commercials are meant to present this life style as normal and I’m sure there will be plenty more in the future. In another commercial they are lauding those who are living and promoting this life style and are labeling them as trailblazers, when the only trail they are blazing is headlong into destruction!

    We as believers in Christ should not remain silent about this, but when God presents the opportunity we should make known to those who are living this life style, as well as those who support and condone it, proclaiming to them the truth regarding this matter, that being that they can get the entire world to accept this life style as the norm, but they are not going to get by God with it, for it leads to death and separation from God. Another problem related to this issue is that, under the banner of the love of God, we have churches and so-called Christian’s supporting and condoning this life style. We have pastors marrying men to men and women to women and they think that they are acting in in the love of God by doing so! But they are not and will suffer the consequences for it. These judges who have legalized same-sex marriage will themselves be held accountable and judged for their actions by God.

    Tell me, have you ever read of God ever destroying multiple cities because its inhabitants were committing adultery, lying, murdering, stealing, raping, greed, etc.? No, but he did destroy multiple cities for those who were practicing homosexuality. Paul was correct when he was rebuking the Corinthian church regarding sexual immorality among them when he said, “don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch?” And the yeast certainly has worked its way through the entire batch by believers supporting and condoning this life style. To be clear, those who are living this life style are free to do so, but again the problem is their justifying and embracing it instead of repentance.

    All people, regardless of their sin, should be able to come into church and hear the word of God and that for the purpose of repentance and receiving Christ unto salvation. But the big problem is that instead of repentance they are justifying and embracing this life style, not recognizing it as sin, but instead trying to present it as equal to marriage between a man and a woman. We as believers, in all love, gentleness and patience, should continue to make the truth of God’s word known regarding this issue. What we should not be doing as those belonging to Christ, is supporting and condoning this life style. Everybody wants to be politically correct and no one wants to rock the boat, but how can we not? For those who continue in it, though they get the entire world to agree with them, it still leads to death and separation from God.

    To recap, though these practices are the acts of the sinful nature just like every other sin, it is the world-wide movement to justify it as not being sin that is the problem.

    “In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.” Jude 7

    “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”


    1. While I assume that you have good intentions, I cannot disagree more sharply. I don’t condone homosexual lifestyle, just like I don’t condone a lifestyle of materialism, or a lifestyle of complacency. Do you truly believe that what you just said was “in all love, gentleness and patience”?
      Here is my problem: We DO find cities and peoples being destroyed for other sins. Was Jericho abundant with homosexuality? It doesn’t say. Were the Amalakites filled with homosexuality? It doesn’t imply. What about Babylon, Assyria, the northern Israel, or even southern Judah? Was the reason that God would send judgment and destroy their cities and their peoples because they were homosexual? Does not the Scripture clearly state that it is because of their rejection of God?
      While there are obvious examples, if one were to read it that way, of Sodom and Gomorrah, there are more examples of God destroying other peoples, cities, armies, and nations for much different reasoning.
      This is my contention that I thought I wrote about. Here your argument isn’t about whether there is freedom or of whether God can truly save the homosexual, just that God judges that action and that it is sin. There is no hope, only condemnation. Of course, you sprinkle your words with “if” statements, as if you actually believe it, but then continue to promulgate that you complete reject any possibility, because they are trying to justify their lifestyle instead of repent of it. Tell me one person steeped in sin who isn’t trying to justify their sin. Tell me one person who has more cars in their garage than people who drive in their family who hasn’t justified it. Tell me one person on drugs who doesn’t justify it. Tell me one person who continues to look at pornography, though the Scripture clearly states otherwise, who doesn’t justify it. The same thing is taking place in all other areas of wrong lifestyle, but we focus upon this ONE issue, simply because it is easier to blame others than to accept that we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the grace of God.
      As far as the political question, which I didn’t address at all, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. If Caesar decrees homosexuality is legal, then Caesar decrees it. As for me, I’m going to continue to not marry same sex couples, and I’m going to continue to to proclaim that this is wrong. People don’t like it? So what? Maybe instead of fighting against a political agenda, we should go ahead and actually strive to fight against the principalities and powers, the rulers in high places, that are influencing and manipulating the culture into accepting such a demonic deception.


  3. nursingninja

    I would say that the line we need to draw is that homosexuality is a sin, and it needs to be repented of just like any other sin. Does that mean people stop sinning and live perfect lives when they repent? No but there is a difference between falling into sin and diving into sin, and the difference stems from penitent faith in Christ and his shed blood on the Cross for all of your sins.

    What concerns me is that many false teachers out there are trying to convince Christians and everyone else that this is one sin you don’t have to repent.

    I actually blogged on this and would be curious of your thoughts.


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    1. I’ll take a look at it! And, I agree that we ought not to condone homosexuality. It is indeed a sin, and they who say it is not are indeed false teachers. I just also get tired of the assailing that is taking place, and often the homosexual community is not wrong for their being turned off. I wouldn’t want to believe in a Messiah that will send me to hell simply because of my sexual orientation either. The problem is that this one thing isn’t the reason people go to hell. It is sin, but not the damning sin. There is still something deeper: a sin nature that lives in death, desires death, and breeds death.


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