When Heaven is Silent

Life is a struggle. No one gets by easy. We all hurt. We all feel abandoned at some point. We all embrace the cold sting of loneliness at some point. It is in the times of despair that we are all the more isolated. Seek counsel, find confusion. Seek friendship, find abandonment. Seek solace, find venom. Seek hope, find bitterness. 

While going through these times of difficulty, when we reach out for help, we never seem to open up entirely. There is always the slightest hint given to see if anyone cares enough to read between the words. Instead, it is more frequent that we find conversations about how we Americans don’t know what true suffering and struggle is. We’re comfy and lazy, therefore we need persecution. 

I’m hurting. And no one cares. 

How many have thought this? And is it your fault, or does the blame lie with they who claim to care but don’t listen? We grope the darkness, hoping there is something to hold onto, and that it isn’t a snake seeking to bite is while we’re without understanding. 

Know that if this is you, you’re not alone. I feel it too. I exaggerate, I know, but is there not truth in the hyperbole? All is vanity, so why do we continue? There is no one listening, so why do we pray? We continue and pray because we believe something drastic. We believe that darkness is temporary. It is fleeting, and even now the true light is already shining. Just as light shines on the horizon is seen across all the land for anyone to behold, we have turned around to see that light. 

I’m still in darkness, and oh how great is that darkness. Yet, I know in whom I have believed. Where else shall I go? No one else has the words of life. This is a hard path, and I wish I wasn’t on it. Yet, the courage is not found in miraculous theophanies and voices. Courage is found in taking the next step when all of life is against it, not knowing where you tread, not having answers to the mocks and jeers, but having confidence in the light before you. 

Grace and peace to you all. May God shine His face upon you, that we may no longer hate our brethren who hurt. May we see the struggle and acknowledge it for what it is: struggle. By the mercy of God the Father, who has lavished His comfort upon us through the sufferings of His Son, I pray that you learn what it means that He desires mercy over sacrifice. The grace of God Almighty be upon you all. 

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