Do People Matter in Modern Christianity?

So good. I love the challenge that this puts forth.


There are echoing words of one mother who said to my husband and I “No one has answered him these questions before.”  We had the privilege of meeting this family, just a few months ago. The parents had long been raising their kids in the church setting. The oldest boys were about college age, so after nearly two decades in the church system setting, there were unanswered questions. The oldest son(s) had their questions about life and God and how are some of things to even be reconciled or what does it mean.  It was a normal day in the life of my husband and I, expect for those haunting words that came later. Those words have place within us a beautiful unforgettable wound, which we often consider.

In the Bible, when Jesus shows up in the public eye and starts his ministry of preaching and teaching there…

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