I Believe

I believe that in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. I believe that He created everything good, which expresses perfection, beauty, sinlessness, and without lack. It was out of Adam that Eve was formed, but at first she was just called ִִֻישה (ishah Hebrew for woman). I believe that the serpent deceived the woman – she did not disobey God willingly. I believe that this serpent is the accuser of the brethren, the one and only Satan, who desires to steal, kill, and destroy. I believe that the woman, after eating of the fruit and nothing happened, then gave the fruit to her husband Adam. I believe that Adam ate of that fruit and suddenly their eyes were opened and they perceived that they were naked. I believe that they then made clothing out of fig leaves, because the fig leaf hides fruit.

I believe that God came and couldn’t find Adam, so He asked where Adam was. Adam then came out of hiding and said he has hidden because they were naked and afraid. After asking a series of questions, there are consequences set for the eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the serpent was cursed. It was told to the serpent that one day a man out of the womb of the woman would crush his head, and he would strike at this man’s heal. This was considered to be the deliverer – the one who would restore humanity back to Eden – which might give us why Eve was so happy in Genesis 4 when Cain was born, and why later she was excited that Seth was born to replace Abel.

I believe that God took animal skins to clothe Adam and the woman. Adam then took something personal to him to clothe the woman – he named her “Chava”, which comes from the word “chay” meaning life. I believe that God has called certain men throughout history – Noah to deliver his family from the flood, Abram to be established as a nation (Israel), Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, David to rule over Israel, the prophets to call Israel back to God, and eventually God sent His own Son to sit upon the throne of David and rule over the house of Israel, and all the world as well, as the Messiah.

I believe that in the act of the cross, Christ Jesus – Yeshua HaMessiah – has crushed the head of the serpent, breaking his power and making a public spectacle of him. I believe that in Christ’s death upon the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, we no longer are clothed in fig leaves – that religion established upon sacrificing goats, rams, and bulls that cannot take away sin. I believe that Jesus has cursed that fig tree, and in cursing it, it withered immediately. Through Christ we have a better covenant, and I believe that just as God clothed Adam and Eve in animal skins – a better attire that will not wither and fade – so we are now clothed in Christ under a new covenant – a better covenant – that will not wither or fade.

I believe that Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father. I believe that He has beckoned us to join Him in ruling with Him from Zion. I believe that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, and that from those heavenly places we long as pilgrims and sojourners to be granted a new home, a new tent, which is the resurrection of the body. I believe that just as Adam named his wife, so too has our Lord Jesus Christ given us a new name – a name that we will inherit upon overcoming and entering into that glorious Kingdom with Him at the end of the age. I believe that we were made for something more than what we see and experience here and now.

I believe that the sin we are so easily entangled in is not the final remark. I believe that through Christ we are free from sin, and that we are only living a life “between the trees”. In the beginning, God created a tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the end, there is only the tree of life. That ugly tree that has caused for the degradation and depravity of all of humanity has been resting once and for all at Calvary, and our addictions and sins hang there for eternity with it. I believe that I am no longer bound to sin and death – no longer under the oppression of the law that says I have to continue to bring and offer and do in order to be right before God. I have been made free through the blood of Christ, through faith and faith alone.

I believe that God has made His Body to consist of not only Jews, but also Gentiles, and that we are one new man in Christ forevermore, eternally sealed by the Holy Spirit. I believe that one day all of Israel shall be saved, and in that day there shall be world peace. I believe, not because it is written, but because I have experienced it. My experience through the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ testify and give witness that the words of Scripture are true, and therefore I believe them.


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