Kingdom of Darkness

In the overall grand view of Scripture, there are two kingdoms at war with one another. The first is the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God, we see a certain culture, wisdom, opinion, and expression. We will go through this Kingdom in the next unit. Of course, you cannot talk about the one without talking about the other. The easier to understand and comprehend is the Kingdom of Darkness. It is easier to perceive because it is everywhere around us. Our culture screams at us the value system and mindset of this darkened kingdom. We see quite easily the sin, death, and mindset of the principalities and powers.

The Kingdom of Darkness is a literal kingdom, just as the Kingdom of God is a literal kingdom. There are literal rulers of these kingdoms, literal people that are subject to these kingdoms, and even literal places that signify those kingdoms. While God called Abram out of all nations to establish him as a nation unto God, Satan has placed his name upon Babylon. Babylon is the symbol of the Kingdom of Darkness upon this earth. Jerusalem is the crux of God’s rule. Babylon is the nub of the Kingdom of Darkness. We find in the book of Daniel a dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. In this dream, the king beholds a statue. The statue has a head of gold, arms and chest of silver, thighs of brass, and legs of iron. That statue is the symbol of the Kingdom of Darkness.

There is a spirit over the nation of Babylon. When Medo-Persia conquered Babylon, that spirit then shifted to being over Medo-Persia. The same happened when Alexander conquered Medo-Persia, and when Rome eventually conquered Greece. It doesn’t matter if the nation is called Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, or the Antichrist Kingdom, it is the Kingdom of Darkness manifest upon this earth. That kingdom has not gone into hiding since the fall of Rome, but has instead been hidden behind the ploys of religion in the Roman Catholic Church. This is not to say that the Roman Catholic believers are not saved, per se, but to say that the spirit behind the system is not the Spirit of Christ. As with any cult, the people who are at the bottom don’t typically know what is happening behind the scenes.

Yet, the point to remember is not a blame game on “who dunnit”. Instead, we need to come to an understanding of this kingdom, and how to discern the spirits to understand the principalities and powers. As believers who are of a different kingdom, we are called out of this Kingdom of Darkness and into marvelous light. It is true that the manifestation of the Kingdom of Darkness is Babylon, but that doesn’t stop the reaches of it to the ends of the earth. Let us remember the words of Paul, that when we were “dead in our transgressions and sins”, we “followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.” The explicit manifestation of the Kingdom of Darkness is in Babylon, but there is a power behind the scenes over the whole world. There is a power that manipulates and influences the mindsets of humanity, and also jerks about the purposes of nations. Any system is ruled by these powers.

We will continue to dive into these things as we progress through this unit. To set up an introduction to the subject, we need to begin with the very name itself: the Kingdom of Darkness. What is darkness? What is the power of the kingdom? Why is it that we are subject under this kingdom until Christ is shed abroad in our hearts? There is something happening behind the scenes, which takes the Spirit of God to reveal. Human wisdom and intelligence can’t comprehend this for a couple different reasons. Carnal minds cannot comprehend spiritual realities. The problem of the carnal mind is that it finds spiritual realities to be an offense. The natural world is what we care about until we have been apprehended by something beyond the natural.


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